We’ve all seen Bear Grylls’ show and thought what he was doing was outlandish and impossible to repeat. But, have you ever asked yourself how you would do? Would you be able to survive in the wilderness? Survival in the jungle sounds like a daunting task, but the idea of it is scarier than actually going through with it. You just need to know what you’re doing. Just that.

Unless there’s been an accident which threw you into survival mode in a rainforest, why would you even go to a jungle? Why mess with all those threatening animals, poison berries, and illnesses? It’s simple — it’s the greatest feeling ever!

Why Do It?

When you’re in a jungle, you’ll find yourself in a situation and surroundings you’ve never experienced before — not even remotely. This will bring your senses to life, with every sound you hear and every move you make being exaggerated in your brain. Nothing will make you feel truly alive as much as a visit to the jungle!

It’s also a great venue if you’re on the road to self-discovery. You will have to push yourself over the boundaries you previously thought were impenetrable. It can (and will) prove to be a challenge to keep yourself motivated to press on when your body wishes to lay down and rest; that’s where you will meet your true self, and that’s where your outlook on life will change forever!

How to Survive in the Jungle?

There are some essential checkpoints you need to go over if you want to know how to survive in the jungle. But the first and foremost is not to give in to panic. Panic will cause your body functions to accelerate, which will lead to quicker dehydration. Also, you won’t be able to rationalize your decisions if you’re acting out of fear. Yes, we all know that jaguars, snakes, and other scary animals live there, but you’ll be an easy meal if you’re afraid of them.

There’s a STOP system when in the jungle — Stop, think, observe, plan. You always need to be on the move, as staying in one place is not a wise idea. Have something in front of you as a goal you’re going towards, as well as something else in the back to go away from. Orientation can be tricky, but even if you lose yourself — stop, think, observe, and plan your next move.

Although you should always be on the move, don’t take that too literally. Sleep and everyday functions are vitally important. At night, when you need to sleep, you should build yourself a shelter so you don’t sleep under the open sky. The easiest way to do it is to make a lean-to — you lean a branch onto a tree and cover it with leaves.

Another thing equally important as shelter is that you need to take care of your food and water situation. Don’t drink from still water pools, and, if possible, over boil it before drinking to avoid bacteria. When it comes to food, unless you’re an expert huntsman, don’t go horsing around. Instead, build a trap by digging a hole in the ground and cover it with leaves. Find yourself a spear to pierce the animals and to have a last-resort defense weapon.

About the Author

Before I embarked on my first trip to a rainforest (it was Hoh Rainforest in Washington), I was just your average 9–5 guy with a desk job. But then I woke up one day and realized this wasn’t a life for me. Far from being an adrenaline junkie, I just felt like I was missing out on life and its awesomeness! I decided to quit my job and go on a trip to a rainforest. It was the toughest decision I’ve ever made, but it was the best one as well!

Since then, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been going to a new jungle twice a year now for the past decade! At first, it was within the confines of the United States, but shortly afterward, I branched out, visiting places like Africa and Southern Asia!

In this blog, I’ll share my experiences. There will be detailed guides on how to learn to make some essential jungle survival necessities. For instance, you’ll know how to make a campfire, what are some indispensable items you must have in your first aid kit, and what is the best way to build a trap.

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So, if you’re interested in going over and letting your senses be truly awake, or you’re just being preventive, this is a place for you! Follow me on our trip together, as I show you the ropes of everything you need to know. Read the blog to find out everything essential for your trip before you go to the jungle!