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If there were ever two words put together to so perfectly instill a sense of adventure, those would be jungle kayaking. It has it all, doesn’t it? From traveling to extreme sports to exotic vistas and much more.

If you’re on a quest to find the finest kayaking in the jungle, then these four agencies will ensure that you have your wishes fulfilled and then some.

  1. Bushmasters

Bushmasters Kayaking

In this spirit of pursuing grand adventure, Bushmasters was formed to provide once-in-a-lifetime thrills for anyone willing to come along with them. This organization, devoted to survival trips of all stripes, creates hallmark experiences for their customers. If you’ve ever felt like traversing the thick jungles of South or Central America, they’re the people for you.

They revolve their brand around an authentic bare-bones journey. Don’t go with them if you expect a luxury vacation. Their intentions are to show you the gritty side of exploration, venturing deep into the unbeaten bush and riding along fickle rapids. You’ll be making your own fires, rationing your food and setting up your sleeping area.

Their trips mostly involve expeditions into the tropical jungles of Guyana, kayaking in sturdy, high-quality vessels. Meals are also facilitated, which are of excellent quality. As you paddle through the jungle rivers, you can encounter wondrous animals, such as the tapir, jaguar, or black caiman. If you have any questions regarding their trips, they’re more than happy to reply to your emails.

  1. Chiang Mai Kayaking

Chiang Mai Kayaking

For the ultimate jungle river trip in Northern Thailand, turn to Chiang Mai Kayaking. The agency pairs Western equipment with local knowledge of the lands for the optimal blend of tools and skills. They take great care to accommodate both beginners and veteran kayakers with their various packages.

Their voyages mostly occur in and around places like the province of Chiang Dao or the Mae Ngat Valley. All of these are rife with spectacular natural oddities, serene streams, and raging rapids. A highlight of their trips is the Mae Ping river, a meandering marvel of the Land of Smiles.

As far as equipment goes, you won’t be left wanting. You’ll have access to top-of-the-shelf kayaks, helmets, oars, lifejackets, gloves, and more. Furthermore, they provide all the food you’ll need, as well as free-of-charge transportation from and to any Chiangmai hotel grounds. When visiting Thailand, Chiang Mai Kayaking is a must for any adventure lovers.

  1. Semadang Kayaking

Semadang Kayaking

The lush rainforests of Borneo have endured their share of deforestation over the past decades. Pockets of natural havens still exist and thrive there though. Semadang Kayaking has the tools and know-how to guide you through these secluded wonders. Seeing that a local family founded it, there’s no need for you to doubt their knowledge.

This outfitter operates in the Borneo rainforest (Kuching, Sarawak) and offers a host of activities, from kayaking to caving to bamboo rafting. Their experienced staff is endlessly patient and will gladly walk you through all the techniques you need to master the rivers.

Their adventure packages purvey a slew of diverse activities. You can enjoy family kayaking sessions with your closest relatives. Alternatively, they also offer buddy kayaking and fish feeding events. There are a hundred things to do with Semadang Kayaking, each just as exhilarating as the last.

  1. The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking

The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking

Formerly just Rainforest Kayaking, The Rucksack operators also work in Kuching. Rest assured, they will give you as indelible of a journey as you can hope for. They pride themselves on trips suitable for children and the elderly alike and anyone in between the two.

Consequently, packages the Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking have available vary quite a bit in terms of physical difficulty. Their website details what each package entails, including a physical toughness rating. You can book anything from a relaxing sightseeing tour to draining, adrenaline-filled excursions.

For the price of admission, you earn the right to free transportation from and to hotels in Kuching. Moreover, you get complimentary beverages and meals. To top it all off, the guides will photograph you and your loved ones regularly. At the end of your package, they will email these photos to you. That way, you’ll have a permanent memento of the adventure you had.